New Zealand Set to Legalize Hemp Seed Market

New Zealand’s industrial hemp industry is going commercial this year. New laws are expected to take place that will allow farmers and entrepreneurs the opportunity go grow industrial hemp for seed propagation.

Hemp seeds are  extremely beneficial to one’s health, as they are filled with numerous vitamins and minerals, as well as large amounts of amino acids, fiber, and fatty acids. Hemp seeds are regularly compared to superfoods like quinoa and high-protein meat sources, and they can also be processed into a number of finished goods.

Top companies in Canada like Nutiva and Manitoba Harvest dominate the North America market with products like hemp protein powder, hemp oil, and healthy hemp hearts.  This year New Zealand expects to triple the 200 to 300ha of acres of hemp plants grown annually and farmers can now expect to see returns of $4500 to $5500 a hectare. The change in legislation also plans to generate $10M- $20M in export revenue a year.

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