Next Frontier Brands’ Subsidiary TreeHouse Biosciences™ Announces the Launch of its THC Remediation Services Business Based on Patented Technology

Next Frontier Brands, an international consumer packaged goods company with a focus on beverage and wellness products, along with its subsidiary TreeHouse Biosciences™, today announced that TreeHouse Biosciences™ has launched a “THC Remediation Services” business for the removal of THC from hemp extracts. TreeHouse Biosciences™ has amassed a platform of intellectual properties related to accessing cannabinoids, both organic and synthetic, including two methods for removing THC from hemp extracts: one method using chromatography, which is covered by U.S. Patent No. 10,239,808, and one USDA Organic Certified method using heat and oxygen, which is covered by a pending patent application.

TreeHouse Biosciences™ Patent No. 10,293,808 compromises a method of removing one or more cannabis compounds from a cannabis oil. This method utilizes chromatography, a process which separates chemical compounds based on their unique molecular properties. By carefully separating the cannabinoids, TreeHouse Biosciences™ is able to provide hemp extracts with federally-compliant levels of THC while maintaining the full profile of other cannabinoids, yielding superior extracts compared to many products currently in the marketplace.

TreeHouse Biosciences™ also has filed a patent for the removal of THC from hemp extracts utilizing a mild combination of heat and oxygen. This carefully tailored method mimics the natural conversion of THC to CBN that occurs in the plant. In addition to yielding extracts rich in minor cannabinoids, this method is also USDA Organic Certified.

“There are three primary methods to remove THC from hemp extracts: chromatography, heat, and dilution,” said Jake Black, Chief Science Officer of Next Frontier Brands. “Dilution is the most popular, though it yields an inferior product because in addition to reducing THC levels, it also reduces the minor cannabinoid content that is so sought after by consumers. Chromatography offers a robust extract rich in minor cannabinoids but the mild heat method is the most viable when looking to produce extracts on an industrial scale. The legitimate THC compliant ingredients produced through our patented process will provide brands with a federally compliant and USDA Organic Certified ingredient, enabling manufacturers to optimize their processes while minimizing costs.”

Treehouse Biosciences™ now provides THC remediation services through its Boulder, Colorado operations, and intends to build remote modular processing units in selected states where hemp processing is prominent. Treehouse Biosciences™ also plans to aggressively pursue licensing agreements with hemp extract processors that use its technologies as part of their processes.

About Next Frontier Brands
Next Frontier Brands is an international consumer packaged goods company with a focus on beverage and wellness products. Next Frontier Brands currently owns 10 beverage and wellness brands, with six additional brand acquisitions pending. Our beverage brands include products in the distilled alcoholic spirits, distilled non-alcoholic spirits, wine, coffee and superfood categories. Our wellness brands include products in the topical and sublingual categories. We are headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, with additional offices in London, England; Amsterdam, The Netherlands; and Auckland, New Zealand.

About Treehouse Biosciences
Treehouse Biosciences™ is a leader in the research, development and production of hemp-derived cannabinoid ingredients, and purification and remediation technologies. The Treehouse Biosciences™ team includes four Ph.D.’s who are recognized leaders in cannabinoid research, development and commercial applications, three of whom specialize in organic chemistry and one of whom specializes in chemical engineering.

SOURCE Next Frontier Brands