NHL Legend Mark Messier Joins NXT Water as Equity Partner and Brand Captain for Akeso Hemp Powered Hydration

NXT Water, the makers of Akeso CBD water, today announced that NHL legend Mark Messier will join the team as an equity partner and brand captain. The former New York Ranger, six-time Stanley Cup champion and one of the most iconic athletes in the history of sports will work closely with the Akeso executive team on branding, advertising and marketing campaigns, social and digital content, opening up new sales and distribution channels as well as other initiatives.

Akeso is the first all-natural plant powered beverage to integrate 10mg of broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD and electrolytes into ultra-purified still water without any calories, sugar or artificial additives. It is the only broad-spectrum hemp water that actually tastes like pure water and  offers multiple benefits including reducing inflammation, stress and anxiety, while also supporting mental wellness and workout recovery.

“Twenty-six years of playing professional hockey at the highest level takes its toll on you both mentally and physically, and when I retired from the sport I made a commitment to educate myself on the best natural ways to keep both my mind and body in the best possible condition, including healing my body from inflammation,” said Messier. “Upon my retirement, I discovered the healing powers of CBD, and once I met the NXT Water team and tried Akeso, I knew I had to become involved in the brand. It is now an integral part of my daily wellness protocol.”

“Extraordinary character is essential when it comes to both professional team sports and business partnerships, and Mark is inspirational and successful on every level,” said Todd Waks, CEO, NXT Water. “His personal and professional success is a result of his authentic and tenacious spirit, which embodies everything about this brand. Mark is universally known as the ‘The Captain’ and we are thrilled to have him join us and provide his leadership in our mission to change the way people think about water.”

Since its entry into the market last year, Akeso has changed the game with its unique proposition. In addition to being the only broad-spectrum CBD still water that tastes like pure water, Akeso developed a proprietary process to extract and infuse a specific formulation of three key cannabinoids – CBD, CBDA and CBG – from organic hemp plants, while maintaining potency and shelf life stability for over a year in-bottle. It is the first-ever fully verifiable food or beverage in the U.S. It is the only CPG product to include StrainSecure®, an integrated blockchain seed-to-sale verification platform that registers and tracks intellectual property for the cannabis industry. Each bottle of AKESO receives a Certificate of Analysis (COA) from an independent third-party laboratory, with all results 100% verifiable via their blockchain-backed QR code, which is prominently positioned on each bottle.

About NXT Water
Formed by seasoned executives from the beverage, sports/entertainment and digital marketing verticals, NXT Water created AKESO, the finest hemp-derived water intended to significantly disrupt both the functional beverage as well as the burgeoning CBD industry which is projected to be over $20 billion by 2024. For more information visit www.akesowater.com