NuggMD now provides medical marijuana telemedicine services in Ohio

NuggMD, the nation’s leading medical marijuana telemedicine platform, is now providing telemedicine services to patients in Ohio for $139.

Ohio normally prohibits the use of telemedicine for medical marijuana evaluations, but has lifted this restriction for the duration of the pandemic emergency orders. This makes it possible for patients to get their MMJ recommendation without risking exposure to Sars-COV-2.

“We’re so excited to join Ohio’s medical marijuana community,” says Alex Milligan, NuggMD Co-Founder and CMO. “We hope that Ohio will see the benefit of allowing medical marijuana telemedicine services to continue for the long term. Even after the pandemic is over, and we don’t know how long this will take, telemedicine is an incredibly valuable tool for at-risk patients.”

“COVID-19 is forcing the medical community to re-consider their long-standing prejudices against telemedicine,” says Kam Babazade, NuggMD Co-Founder and COO. “The misperception that patients can’t receive the same quality of care and follow up via telemedicine has forced immunocompromised patients to risk exposure to illness in order to comply with local state laws. After the pandemic is over, these patients will face the same unnecessary risks to their health. We hope the state will consider making this change to their policy permanent for the well-being of at-risk cannabis patients across the state.”

The state has not yet determined when the emergency orders for COVID-19 will be lifted. Recently, several states have seen a resurgence of the virus and have taken measures to increase social distancing again.

At the time this press release was written, Ohio had 46,970 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 7,681 hospitalizations and 2,807 total deaths. This total reflects a spike in confirmed cases over the final weekend of June. Those at the highest risk of contracting the virus are advised by authorities to remain at home as much as possible.

An Ohio medical marijuana evaluation with NuggMD costs just $139. As always, patients who are not approved for a medical marijuana recommendation receive their evaluation for free.

Since 2016, NuggMD has helped more than 600,000 patients connect face-to-face with their MMJ doctors via video telemedicine in CaliforniaNew YorkNevadaOklahoma and Missouri. NuggMD’s practitioners provide medical marijuana recommendations to patients only in states for which they are fully-licensed to practice medicine. They are also approved to provide recommendations by their respective regulatory agencies where necessary.

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NuggMD is the nation’s leading medical marijuana technology platform, facilitating access to medical marijuana for patients in New YorkCaliforniaNevadaOklahoma and Missouri. NuggMD’s patients receive their evaluations entirely online via face-to-face video chats from the comfort and privacy of their own home. Qualifying medical conditions vary by state. Since their launch in 2016, NuggMD has helped more than half a million medical marijuana patients connect with their new physicians and obtain their medical marijuana recommendations. They are fully committed to improving patients’ quality of life through cannabis.


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