Oklahoma Legalized Medical Marijuana with Vote This Week

The state of Oklahoma has become the 30th state in the U.S. to allow the use of medicinal marijuana for patients with a perception. Last Tuesday residents voted to pass Oklahoma State Question 788 which allows adults 18 and older to receive a license to possess, consume, and cultivate cannabis with board certified doctors signature.

More specifically those with an adult issued license would be capable of possessing 8 ounces, cultivate up to six mature plants, and possess edibles and other cannabis derived concentrates.

56% of Oklahomans voted yes on the new law that will be enforced by the Oklahoma State Department of Health. The passing of this law opens up new regulations for businesses that makes it legal for those that obtain the proper licenses to cultivate, process, manufacture and sell products that contain medicinal cannabis.

This move may come as a surprise to citizens across the country. Oklahoma has always been known as an extremely conservative state but, younger voters turned out to support a legal medical marijuana industry in the state. As more research is conducted on the positive medicinal benefits of cannabinoid based products the more states in the U.S. will pass legislations to legalize their consumption.

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