Oklahoma’s Bison & Rose Announces Joint Licensing Agreement with Rebel Edibles in Colorado

Bison & Rose, a research-driven CBD and cannabis producer in Oklahoma, has signed a joint licensing agreement with Rebel Edibles to enter the Colorado cannabis market. The partnership also brings Rebel’s award-winning caramel edibles to Oklahoma.

“We believe this partnership is a win-win for consumers in Colorado who want a highly effective joint and muscle cream and for the medical patients in Oklahoma who crave a delicious, high-quality edible,” said Jacqui Mills, registered nurse and co-founder of Bison & Rose. “Having Bison & Rose topicals in Colorado is validation that there is always room for improvement even in established markets and applying science to product development in the cannabis and CBD space is highly effective.”

Bison & Rose was founded by Jacqui and her husband Dr. Stan Mills, a Ph.D. pharmaceutical scientist who has spent his career in pharmaceutical technology researching cancer therapies. Dr. Mills is responsible for pioneering treatments for terminal illnesses and has had nine patents and drugs approved by the FDA.

As medical marijuana laws passed in Oklahoma, Dr. Mills began researching cannabis and working on formulations with the plant. His initial work in cannabis was to treat Jacqui’s lupus and arthritic conditions after traditional treatments began damaging her body.

“For cancer treatments, my approach was ‘how do we destroy the tumor but not the body’ and that challenge became the same approach for our cannabis products,” said Dr. Mills. “We developed a method of making creams for Bison & Rose that work with the body to penetrate skin layers without hurting the tissue. We look at how the body functions and how conditions like arthritis affect the joints to determine how we are going to alleviate the pain.”

Under the five-year licensing agreement, Rebel Edibles will market a single formula Bison & Rose Muscle and Joint Cream to the 225 stores in Colorado where Rebel is sold while seeking out new stores and points of distribution. Bison & Rose will carry the four flavors of Rebel caramel chews in two THC dosages in Oklahoma: Salted Caramel, Chocolate, Vanilla and Apple Pie.

“After meeting Stan and Jacqui, it was clear they are doing things right in a challenging medical market like Oklahoma,” said Kelly Murtha, founder of Rebel Edibles. “With roots in science, I deeply believe in Bison & Rose products and know this is the right partner to bring Rebel to the state.”

The Rebel edible line features individually wrapped gourmet caramels and fruit chews handcrafted with high quality ingredients and natural flavors. The gluten free caramels are made with 60% Couverture Belgium chocolate, Saigon cinnamon, Madagascar Bourbon vanilla beans and organic cane sugar. The brand’s Apple Pie Caramel Chew won second place for best edible at the 2019 Colorado High Times Cannabis Cup.

“We have always appreciated the consistency of these caramels and couldn’t wait to bring the products to the medical market,” added Jacqui Mills. “Rebel Edibles are Oklahoma’s only premium infused caramel.”

About Rebel
Rebel is an infused products company based in Aurora, CO. Licensed since 2016 and serving both the adult-use and medical markets in Colorado, Rebel’s line of gourmet caramels and fruit chews are some of the best-tasting and most consistent edibles in the market. A High Times Cannabis Cup award winner for best edible in 2019, Rebel is growing its edibles line and expanding its footprint into other categories and geographies. Visit https://www.rebeledibles.com/ for more details.

About Bison & Rose
With more than 40 years of combined experience in the medical field, Dr. Stan and Jacqui Mills are creating medical cannabis and CBD products that are transforming lives in Oklahoma. By applying science and a proven approach for treating cancer and other terminal illnesses, Bison & Rose topicals are targeted for specific ailments including foot creams, skin creams, joint creams, muscle creams, sublinguals, and more. For more information, visit https://www.getbisonandrose.com/.

SOURCE Bison & Rose