On National Cannabis Day, Equilibria Celebrates 10x Growth, Serving Health – Not Hype – To Women Nationwide

Equilibria, a woman-focused CBD wellness brand, launched in the Spring of 2019 with an innovative, personalized approach that set a new standard in the industry and differentiated it from the sea of competitors. Founded by serial tech entrepreneurs Coco Meers and Marcy Capron-Vermillion, Equilibria’s mission is grounded in the perfect pairing of CBD and women’s biochemistry which is often in need of balance.  As owners in their own Colorado-based farm and genetics program, Equilibria pairs its premium CBD with personalized 1-on-1 dosage support led by seasoned cannabis educators.  Equilibria’s industry-leading product quality and education-first routines drove year over year growth in excess of 10x and helped Equilibria serve over 100,000 women with over 300,000 shipments of farm-to-home CBD. Informed by two years of data, today, the Company announces a deeper investment in its commitment to delivering balance to women by partnering with an innovative bioscience company and introducing new products into their personalized, health-goal centric routines.

“The world did not need another CBD company,” said Coco Meers, CEO and co-founder of Equilibria. “Instead, we built Equilibria to fill a clear void in the market through a deep commitment to quality and education. Our mission has always been to restore balance to women; new R&D partnerships and growing personalization datasets allow us to double down on that mission.”

Equilibria Adds SUM Biotech to their Exclusive Supply Chain Partner Network 

Since inception, Equilibria has been an owner in their organic CBD farm and bioscience partner, CFH Ltd, with the goal of building a world-class, vertically integrated, highly controlled genetics-to-bottle supply chain. Unlike the majority of CBD brands, Equilibria does not simply white-label their products from a third party manufacturer. Instead, by partnering strategically at the farm level, Equilibria uses its clinical data and member insights to inform R&D of the genetics program and help influence strain development. Today, Equilibria reinforces their commitment to a unique, science-first supply chain by announcing an exclusive partnership with SUM (Superior Uptake Method) Biotech.

SUM Biotech, a division of KelSie Biotech, creates high bioavailability delivery methods for active pharmaceutical ingredients in the medical, nutraceutical and CBD/cannabis industries. SUM’s patented and proprietary technologies are based on novel particle engineering discoveries and include innovative designs such as dry powders for pulmonary delivery, convenient and effective sublingual delivery options,  and non-oil / water-based liquid suspensions.

This exclusive partnership between SUM Biotech and Equilibria will enable a suite of high-tech products that help Equilibria’s premium, therapeutic source material work even better for their rapidly growing community of women.

Today Equilibria introduces NEW Rapid Calming Melts powered by SUM Biotech – fast-acting, discreet sublingual technology that begins working in as little as 10 minutes. Later this summer, the two teams will be commercializing an industry-first oil-free vaginal suppository, another delivery method with excellent systemic bioavailability. Beyond melts and suppositories, many more breakthrough products are in the works.

About the partnership, Lia Rebits, PhD, Chief Science Officer of SUM Biotech said, “As a scientifically-driven company, we appreciate how quickly the people at Equilibria recognized the impact our work could have to make the delivery of cannabinoids more effective, more predictable, and more enjoyable. This is the beginning of a bright future of collaborative product innovation.”

By bringing together one of the highest quality hemp source materials with SUM’s high bioavailable/quick-onset technology, this partnership will facilitate innovation to help women maximize the benefits of cannabis for health and wellness.

Equilibria Harnesses Data from 20,000+ Member Support Consultations to Create Personal CBD Routines for Women’s Health

Unlike other CBD brands, all Equilibria members have access to 1-on-1 dosage support, allowing them to craft their own unique routine based on specific health goals.  With a national team of cannabis educators, including registered cannabis nurses and on-staff pharmacists, Equilibria’s Dosage Specialists help women find specific CBD routines perfect for their body and health goals.  “While 10 women might have the same products at home, their needs and routines are entirely their own.”  said Marcy Capron-Vermillion, co-founder and Chief Product Officer at Equilibria. “These new collections are designed to meet women where they are at by identifying their unique needs and using CBD to meet their goals.”

In May, Equilibria goes one level further: while 1-on-1 dosage support will always be a cornerstone of personalization, an interactive digital experience will soon immerse members in the full potential of their routine. In real-time they’ll be matched to the perfect products and routine instructions for their health goals. With engaging digital tools and online communities for open conversation and Q&A, Equilibria is digitizing “bud-tending” as CBD adoption continues to rapidly increase, particularly amongst women.

Equilibria is a Chicago-based CBD company offering premium, farm-fresh, full-spectrum CBD products. In a sea of CBD brands, Equilibria proudly offers personalized dosage support led by a team of seasoned cannabis educators and unparalleled quality from their exclusive bioscience partner, all to advance the mission of balance for women. The curated product line includes daily essentials such as Daily Softgels, Daily Drops and Relief Balm, which can be purchased a la carte or via monthly subscription boxes, as well as products for additional relief. With more products planned for release throughout 2021, the brand is committed to using its platform to help women across the globe achieve balance – or equilibria – and live their fullest lives. Find your perfect routine at myEQ.com.

SUM Biotech challenges the typical delivery methods of nutraceuticals and cannabinoids by developing new Superior Uptake Methods. Its goal is to break down the barriers of poor efficacy, slow onsets, or even suboptimal user experiences like taste and health concerns using its proprietary technology. SUM Biotech partners with brands that share its science-based mission of helping more people enjoy the benefits of cannabinoids. Learn more at PoweredbySUM.com.

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