Ovation Science Creates New Cannabis Product Category That You Don’t Have to Smoke

Ovation Science Inc. (CSE:OVAT) (“Ovation” or the “Company”), with the goal to be the leader in the topical and transdermal cannabis market by leveraging its patented skin delivery technology and its twenty-plus years of skincare research and development, in conjunction with Cannabiniers, a global cannabis brand management company, today unveiled the creation of a new product category for the cannabis market: recreational transdermal creams.

This first-to-market recreational cannabis product has been formulated to quickly deliver a high-dose of THC into the blood stream (transdermal). This new product is marketed and distributed in the USA by Cannabiniers under the name BASKiN GLOW. BASKiN GLOW contains 500 milligrams of THC and 50 milligrams of CBD in each 59ml jar.

“In response to the urging from consumers looking for a real choice in recreational cannabis products that do not involve smoking and that have a far quicker onset than edibles, we created a high-potency, fast-acting THC dominant transdermal cream,” said Terry Howlett, President of Ovation. “We know this product will be a game-changer in the cannabis industry and we are excited to be the leader in this new category.” He added, “We know that one of the best ways to accelerate the growth of our Company is to create highly effective, unique products and that’s what we have accomplished as this product not only fills an unmet need for consumers but also helps create greater value for our shareholders. While we’re excited where our Company is today, we’re really just getting started.”

The recreational transdermal cream has been developed using Ovation’s drug delivery technology and has the following unique distinctions;

  • Proprietary polymer delivery system delivers high-dose THC to the blood stream; bypassing first-pass through the liver;
  • Patent-protection means no other cream can deliver like Ovation’s;
  • The unique formula delivers THC transdermally without the use of a patch; it’s invisible;
  • Significant demand has been established with multiple pre-orders;
  • Third-party testing verifies potency of each product;
  • Available in Nevada dispensaries and coming soon to California and other states where legalized.

“We are excited to be launching our fourth Ovation product under the BASKiN brand, especially one that will disrupt the cannabis market; BASKiN Glow,” said Tim Walters, President, and COO of Cannabiniers; a global cannabis brand management company. “With BASKiN Glow you don’t have to smoke it or eat it; it’s a consumer-friendly alternative that you discreetly apply to your forearm. Within minutes you can ‘Get your Glow on.’”  He added, “We have already seen how great the demand can be as the presales of Glow have been outstanding; surpassing any of our other product launches. With this high demand already, we know that Glow is positioned to take top category position in the recreational cannabis consumer products and we are excited to lead the charge.”

With over twenty years of topical drug delivery experience, Ovation’s management and science team has created a unique pipeline of over twenty-five topical and transdermal cannabis products including CBD, THC and combination products along with a line of anti-aging / beauty products made with CBD. Ovation’s business model is to develop and license-out its topical and transdermal formulations to cannabis companies globally. Ovation earns revenues from licensing and development fees, royalties and the sale of Invisicare to its licensees. Ovation trades on the CSE under the symbol OVAT.

About Ovation Science Inc.

Ovation Science Inc. is a research and development company that licenses its topical and transdermal cannabis formulations made with its licensed patented Invisicare® skin delivery technology to cannabis companies globally. The technology enhances the delivery of cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) to and through the skin and is backed by twenty years of R&D with patent protection in eleven countries. Visit our website www.ovationscience.com.

About Cannabiniers

Cannabiniers, a global cannabis brand management company, is revolutionizing the cannabis industry with first-to-market, patented, safe, and proprietary lifestyle integrated consumer products that are made to deliver the highest quality of cannabis enjoyment. Always operating on an exceptional level of business integrity and against top quality product standards, the company seeks to normalize and celebrate the recreational and wellness benefits of cannabis. For more information, visit www.cannabiniers.com. For BASKiN CBD products visit www.baskinessentials.com.

Forward-Looking Statements

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