Pelican Delivers Raises the Bar for Cannabis Home Delivery With World’s First Software Patent

When it comes to home delivery of recreational or medical cannabis, Pelican Delivers is raising the bar. Launched by industry trendsetters Dave and Tina Comeau in 2018, the company now holds the first and, currently, only cannabis delivery software patent.

Pelican Delivers is an online marketplace that connects consumers with their favorite local dispensaries. Users place an order of any THC or CBD product from the comfort of their home, office or other location for pickup or delivery to their front door.

Better Buds was the first retail store in Washington to partner with Pelican Delivers as part of the beta test program for the service — making it the state’s first retailer to offer recreational cannabis delivery. And according to the Comeaus, that test was so successful that the service will go statewide in October before eventually expanding nationally to every state that has a recreational or medical cannabis program.

“We are innovators at heart with a strong belief in the value of cannabis for health and recreational use and as an economic driver,” explained Dave. “Customers can get just about any other product delivered to their homes. Why shouldn’t cannabis be one of those? We aim to help make ordering and receiving your favorite flower, vaporizers, concentrates, edibles and more as easy as possible for our valued Pelican Delivers clientele.”

Here’s how Pelican Delivers works:

  • Delivery Drivers download the app for iPhone or go to the website to sign up
  • Users enter an address and choose pick-up or delivery with the dispensary of their choice
  • Customers choose from a selection of products and complete the checkout process
  • Text notifications are sent when their order is received, as well as during the dispensing and delivery process
  • Delivery driver releases funds in the app to pay for the order in the store
  • Upon delivery, the customer validates their identity and receives their order

The business is powered by sophisticated, proprietary, patented software that facilitates orders, real-time lead generation for drivers and cannabis retail stores, escrow, release and transfer of funds, and authentication of customer identity prior to delivery. It also ensures compliance with state and interstate commerce laws.

Pelican Delivers partners with the top, state-licensed cannabis dispensaries and independent contracted drivers to ensure the highest quality product and service. The delivery service has proven to be a successful and core component to the business model for participating dispensaries, as well as benefiting the dispensaries by providing them with a complete online sales solution that is easy to use and takes just minutes to set up.

Dave and Tina Comeau are household names in cannabis, having entered the industry at the ground floor over a decade ago in Washington state. The pair started out as medical marijuana growers and processors who went on to launch the Better Buds cannabis retail stores in 2016 that grew to a chain of retail dispensary outlets with significant sales and an increasing number of locations.