PURA EVERx CBD Sports Water Sales Contribute To USMJ 23% Annual Growth

Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) today announced that the company’s EVERx CBD Sports Water was a major contributor to North American Cannabis Holdings’, (USOTC: USMJ) recently reported 23% annual growth.  USMJ reported $1,059,471 in revenue for its fiscal year end June 30, 2019 compared to $858,175 for the previous year end.  The revenue for USMJ increased 23% from 2018 to 2019.  USMJ also reported $96,220 in net profit for the year ended 2019.  Much of the growth reported by USMJ came from USMJ’s new eCommerce site, www.USMJ.com selling a variety of CBD products and cannabis essentials to include EVERx CBD Sports Water. The USMJ CEO’s update published earlier today in conjunction with USMJ’s annual report is included here in its entirety below:


Having launched in 2013, USMJ is an early cannabis sector entrant.  We’ve seen some major forward movement in the market from state by state legalization to Canada’s nationwide recreational legalization and the US’s legalization of hemp farming. Yet banking for cannabis sector companies remains an issue, hemp processing infrastructure is a major bottleneck, and regulations around various cannabis extracts being infused into food and beverages remains problematic – to name only a few areas with room for improvement.  In short, the best is yet to come and the road to a mature cannabis market is still so distant that it’s not on the visible horizon.  The opportunity to seize the emerging cannabis market is far, far from over.

At USMJ we continue to learn through an experiential approach.  Yes, we do our homework, but we are big believers that nothing can substitute for hands on experience.  Those of you that have been following USMJ or participating as a shareholder remember many of the endeavors USMJ has undertaken to explore where best to seize the emerging cannabis market opportunity.  We developed and moved on from a vaping device ages ago.  We grew one of the first hemp crops in the United States years ago in Vermont where it was legalized under state law.  We developed the business that we subsequently spun off with a dividend to our shareholders that is now known as Puration, Inc. (PURA).  We developed the AmeriCanna Cafe and spun it off to Priority Aviation (name change pending) (PJET) and have another dividend to USMJ shareholders in the works. And we’re not nearly finished innovating yet.

Much of the growth reported in our recently annual report comes from USMJ’s new eCommerce site, www.USMJ.com selling a variety of CBD products and cannabis essentials.  As with every new experience, there is always a gap between the “plan” and the “reality” we are confronted with at implementation.  After wading through the banking, technology and shipping nuances not to mention the marketing refinements, the USMJ eCommerce site is now taking on a life of its own and this is one we will not be spinning off.  In fact, we are preparing for a major growth campaign expanding substantially upon the existing inventory of products available on the site through partnerships and possibly even acquisitions.  We are also considering a physical retail extension of the eCommerce business.  You can look forward to a number of announcements regarding our growth campaign between now and the end of the year.

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