Q1 Best Growers in the Nation

In an industry that’s highly regulated, which most people also still see as being ‘shady’ or ‘of the dark’, it’s very easy to overlook those that put in the very fundamental work that affords the resulting pleasure. This is the reality of the Cannabis industry. Most times, we focus so much on the dispensaries, and other cool elements like hybrid strains. We forget that someone somewhere must have put the seeds in the ground and nurtured the unique plant to maturity. This frequently forgotten group of people are known as the growers. 

More often than not, growers don’t get recognized for their work, which they should. Most times, the compensation they receive does not adequately appease to the degree of due diligence they employ to make sure the plants are grown right. Hence, the need for this article that brings America’s industry best growers to a bit of limelight.


  • Caliva

Based in California, Caliva is one of the best cannabis grower in the world. Over its existence, the company is known for putting in much work to ensure that it supplies the market with the best of raw products. As a full licensed company, the provide options for retailers, distributors and consumers. Beyond being grown with precision and much love, their produces are lab-tested and certified. Caliva is top tier in the cannabis industry, and they don’t look like they will be allowing any drop in quality. 


  • Yerba Buena

Yerba Buena is based out in Oregon, and they specialize in originally-grown flower. The flower grown here offers you an astoundingly clean, effective, surreal and delicious experience. Growing cleanly and organically is a major focus for the company, and they are certified for these. The farm is built on well-nourished bio-active soil. Their process and produce meet up to specifications each time. The company also leverages recycling efficiently. Yerba Buena also leverages an integrated pest management program. This program is premised on natural prevention, alongside utilizing beneficial bacteria and predatory insects. 


  • Native Roots

Native is one of the few growing companies that has been fosters its expansion just from profits made from their produce. This is testament to the quality of produce that comes out of their facilities. They have different locations across the United States, all of which utilize the indoor method of growing cannabis. The company also boasts of numerous licenses, as compared to other growing companies. They are arguably the biggest in the market, and their “Vertical integration” further gives them an edge for market dominance. 



Based out in California, MiNDFUL is one of the few companies known for always being efficient in mitigating and solving issues. While many grow facilities get complaints of local residents regarding production process, MiNDFUL has been able to avoid that. Part of its activities involves training the local Denver police in being able to identify legal grows. Also, around their facility, you’ll hardly perceive the smell of cannabis in the air. This is because they do everything to ensure a proper filtration of the air. The extra effort MiNDFUL puts into every level of its grow and production is what sets it apart. 


  • Chalice Farms

This company is owned by William Simpson, who has over the existence of the company, worked extensively to establish it as an industry leader. The company has facilities in Oregon and Washington, from which they have been able to grow award-winning cannabis. Chalice products are of high quality, and the company is resolved to only produce for “those who seek it”. The company also has a proprietary curing method known as the “Chalice Cure.” This is a smoother and sweet cannabis flower that provides higher essential oil levels. 


Final Take

Over the years, the cannabis industry in the United States has witnessed drastic evolution and growth. More players are getting into the industry, and the long-term players are growing towards dominance. However, unlike other industries that marketing may solely achieve growth, quality is the main thing in the cannabis industry. And each of the companies – which this list can’t exhaust – are working hard towards this. The future is only bright for America’s cannabis industry.