Rebel Coast Winery Presents the First THC-Infused Sauvignon Blanc

Rebel Coast Winery, located in Sonoma, California, is cultivating a new market for wine enthusiast and cannabis consumers. Chip Forsythe and Alex Howe have been building their wine business since 2006 and since then, the two business owners have built a collection of superior tasting wines that have won over a dozen awards throughout the sunshine state.

Now that cannabis is legal in California, Rebel Coast Winery is looking to capitalize on an new untapped market by combining the tremendous taste of a premium wine with the euphoric feeling of getting high. This pair of entrepreneurs are using years of experience involved in the California wine industry and their enthusiasm for cannabis to present to the world the first ever THC-Infused Sauvignon Blanc.

Rebel Coast Winery’s THC-Infused Sauvignon Blanc contains 16mg of THC per bottle, or 4mg of THC per glass. Every glass provides customers with the crisp taste of a premium Sauvignon Blanc that is high in acidity and contains bright citrus notes.

In order to stay compliant within the new recreational cannabis laws that took effect in California on January 1, 2018, Rebel Coast Winery removes the alcohol and infuses it with active THC found in the cannabis plant. According to Prop 64 companies cannot distribute products that contain both alcohol and THC. The non-alcoholic, THC based, formulation took Chip and Alex countless hours to create and is the first of its kind.

This new creation is available for purchase for residents in Calfornia on Rebel Coast Winery’s website today!