Responsibly Organics Hemp Products Gain a Mid-West Distributor & More

Responsibly Organic, the manufacturer of several hemp products including The Hemp Fire Log and Hemp Kitty Litter has recently had several great developments.

Eric Dena, the CEO of Responsibly Organic, explains, “Starting a Hemp manufacturing facility in the middle of Covid definitely hindered our launch time frame, but we’re finally off the ground and running!  We’ve brought on 4 key advisors specializing in everything from sales & marketing, investor relations, finance and Consumer Product Goods. We’ve also been in contact with several big box companies and have brought on a Mid-West Distributor in the last 60 days!”

The company expects its first to market, sustainable products to gain a foothold in the massive markets of household goods and the pet sector over the coming years as hemp begins to be seen as a great carbon-negative option for everyday products.

Mr. Dena also stated, “We’re currently looking to add to our sales team and a few additional distributors in our goal to secure a nationwide presence. To see why people are so eager to join the hemp movement please watch our explainer video and feel free to reach out for more information.”

About Responsibly Organic

Responsibly Organic has been a rising force in the hemp industry since its founding. A Cannabis and Hemp industry veteran since 2010 Eric Dena, the founder, has recently started discussions with several national chains regarding carrying the Ever Fruit Freshness Pack, Hemp Kitty Litter and Hemp Fire Logs.  The company has been developing, testing, and manufacturing hemp to find great ways to utilize this sustainable resource for everyday consumer products.  Please visit our site for more information.