Safely Enjoying Edible Cannabis

Whenever someone hears the two words “Edible Pot” a few things come to mind. An outstanding “yes” and “what kind of treats are available?” While this is great, another action of thought should be taken into account, safely enjoying edible cannabis is essential. This is typical because depending on the dosage, some individuals may not experience a relaxing time while ingesting a higher dosage of THC than others.


Why is this more complicated than previously thought? Funny enough most studies involving cannabis are just within the last handful of years and basically there is not a ton of information on the plant itself. Nowadays most edible based companies are trying to educate their consumers about the right dosage along with which infused oils will cause a better concentrate version of the edible baked goods.

When the body ingests THC a chemical reaction happens where depending on your metabolism the effects may last longer than someone else. This is because of the ratio between your weight and how high of a metabolism an individual happens to have when digesting THC.

Edible Cannabis Suckers

As always when it comes to trying anything new, start out small. Try the lowest dosage available before jumping in. Make sure to savor each bite or instead do not eat a cannabis-infused chocolate chip cookie all in one go. Enjoy the taste and eat slowly which is recommended.

This may be the most important note if this is your first time ingesting edible cannabis avoid alcohol. Simply for the fact that once THC is in your system, adding alcohol not only will heighten the THC effect, but THC will heighten the effect alcohol may have on your system. It has been known to make people sick when the two have been mixed.

Below is a video of tips for ingesting edible cannabis:

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