Sense Distribution Turns Cannabis Into Dollars At WEEDCon Expo

On Thursday May 20th, the 6th WEEDCon cannabis education expo will kick off with 80 cannabis brands and 120 cannabis dispensaries attending.  The two day event will feature a dispensary buyers luncheon with cannabis Chef of the Year Chef Matt, live music with Edward (Ed) Roth and Friends, and the WEEDCon Cup awards recognizing excellence in cannabis products.  Day two will include a charity golf tournament.

Companies at WEEDCon include Sense Distribution, California’s premier cannabis distribution company placing cannabis brands into retail stores.  Sense Distribution, offers Statewide delivery services for cannabis brands with full logistics services, access to regulation specialists, product storage and brand promotion.  Sugarleaf Royalty is the wholesale flower, packaging and white label division provided by Sense Distributions team.

Sense Distribution brands at WEEDCon will include Shoogies, Green Bee Botanical, F.A. Nino, The Pairist, Three Kings Empire, Purablis, Prof. Snooks and Baked Betty’s Edibles which makes a line or caramels, cookies and rice crispy treats producing high quality delicious cannabis infused edible products.

Shoogies makes cannabis infused sweeteners including a baking Cane Sugar used for cooking or sweetening coffee, tea or your favorite drink.  F.A. Nino, makes artisan hemp CBD products like their Smokin’ Green Hot Sauce with 250mg of hemp CBD used for cooking.

Green Bee Botanicals offers luxurious cannabis skin care products scientifically formulated and tested for purity.  Green Bee Botanicals Brightening Eye Cream is made to moisturize, firm and protect the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness.

A leader in the cannabis preroll market, The Pairist sources specific strains of flower with concentrates from California’s finest extractors and hash makers to create a high potency infused preroll.  Three Kings Empire is another California company specializing in cannabis prerolls catering to the cannabis connoisseur with their Strawberry Banana preroll infused with wax and kief.

Other Sense Distribution clients, Purablis and Prof. Snooks are focused on the health and wellness side.  Purablis Equilibrium Elixir contains a broad spectrum of cannabinoids formulated to give the maximum medical benefits to the user without the high.  Prof. Snooks makes a popular strain specific CBD/THCA tincture that provides the medical benefits of cannabis also without the intoxicating effects.

Sponsored by Sun Brand, Immersia and Dime Industries, the two day WEEDCon expo will require all attendees to be tested or vaccinated for covid to enter. Immersia will provide  attendees with same day testing at the event.  There will be no cannabis sales or consumption allowed at this years WEEDCon.