Should Cannabis Growers in California Be Worried?

Some news breaking out recently involves the newest legal cannabis law that passed in California. Is it possible that recreational marijuana may put some growers in jeopardy?

One of these places is Arvin, California located about 15 miles Southeast of Bakersfield. Mayor Jose Gurrola has expressed a few worrisome possibilities, however, none of them have to deal with cannabis becoming legal. Matter of fact, the opposite may come into play, Gurrola fears that the federal government will try and step in by repealing the recently passed recreational state law.

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County Counselman Mark Nations stated “At the end of the day, all of these cannabis businesses are violating federal law and the feds can go after them whenever they feel like it,” he said. “The [Obama-era directives] provided a sort of security blanket that the feds would not do so. The blanket is being taken away now. It is a truly bizarre situation.”

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Basically, it comes down to Mayor Gurrola welcoming any potential growers looking to move towards Arvin. Although this may come with a cautious warning that at any time the federal government could come knocking.

Sadly, Kern County where Arvin is located, county officials are attempting and succeeding by banning any cannabis dispensaries. Or virtually any use of marijuana… at all.

Hopefully some will realize the potential at stack here and allow the legalization to take fruit. This has truly turned into “a wait and see” situation.


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