Should We Be Looking To Canada For Financial Cannabis Growth?

Who would have thought that our neighbor upstairs would be leading the world towards a greener cannabis industry? Or in the case of the federal government (who still has propriety rule over our own cannabis industry) cannot touch the double-digits currently ranking high above Canada’s cannabis companies.

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Matter of fact, with the information given above, Canada saw a huge spike in stock growth from September 2016 till the beginning of 2017. Now add a 200% increase for the entirety of 2017, because 2018 is looking to be a massive financial win.

Why is Canada leading the way, well in 2018 an official law will be in effect? The Federal legalization in Canada will be welcomed with open arms and investors are turning over a new leaf, pun intended.

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As of late, all eyes have been on Canopy Growth Corp. which is Canada’s leading cannabis grower, and the company is looking to expand towards international waters. So far with investors in Canada, Canopy Growth Corp. made a 50% surge and that continued growth is only supposed to increase within the next few years.

Many United States cannabis producers are looking towards Canada as a leading example, and some U.S. cannabis corporations/growers are looking to invest. Since the U.S. is still under the mark with the federal government keeping a lockdown on advertising or public listing… this is a standup opportunity.

For growers or potential producers in the U.S. that are looking for investors, Canada will be your best option by far. Also, this will be the time to turn those single stock raises into double-digit money-making potential opportunities.

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