South Carolina will Double the Amount of Industrial Hemp Pilot Programs This Year

The South Carolina Department of Agriculture is planning on doubling the amount of licenses given out to farmers in the state. This will allow the propagation of industrial hemp in their state and will doubling its pilot programs from 20 licensed hemp farms to 40 licensed hemp farms.

South Carolina hopes to make industrial hemp the states new cash crop. Farmers will be able to grow up to 40 acres of plants under regulations framed by the 2014 Farm Bill.

Normal crops in South Carolina go for $600 dollars per acre but, industrial hemp rises that price to $1,000 per acre which is motivating farmers to venture into unfamiliar territory.

Industrial hemp can be used to manufacture a number of good such as food in the form of edible seeds and oil, textiles, bio-composites, and lately as medicine in the form of Cannabidiol oil which is the plants most profitable industry.

Janel Ralph is one of the hemp farmers in Horry County, South Carolina. She is the owner of Palmetto Harmony, a company that makes products from CBD oil. She was one of 20 farmers selected in the industrial hemp pilot program last year. She said, “The 40 permits now that opened up according to the legislation is exactly what needs to happen, but realistically what needs to happen next year is that anyone should be able to grow this if the ag department deems they’re fit to grow it.”


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