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CCT Streaming Shows Joint Venture

CashCropToday | Joint Venture | Barbara Southworth Talks Cannabis Surety Bonds and Banking.

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Cannabis Insurance Specialist Barbara Southworth discusses the ins and outs of insurance in the cannabis industry, states where the cannabis culture is still catching on, and state temporary licenses. STAY TUNED FOR JOINT VENTURE WITH MICHAEL PARKER. TUESDAYS, EXCLUSIVELY ON CASHCROPTODAY.COM   Follow CashCropToday Shows on Youtube >> Click Here...
CCT Streaming Shows Joint Venture

Joint Venture with Michael Parker| Guest Cannabis Business Insurance Specialist & Radio Host Barbara Southworth

In this episode of Joint Venture with Michael Parker, Our host discusses insuring cannabis related businesses, compliance with the federal banking system, and California Treasurer John Chiang’s strategy to construct a state bank with Cannabis Insurance Specialist and Radio Host Barbara Southworth Tune In To New Episodes of Joint Venture...