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CashCropToday | Joint Venture | CCT Founder Dave Hill Discusses Inspiration for Company (Part 1)

Ricky M
In this episode of CashCropToday’s Joint Venture, host Michael Parker sits down with Dave Hill, Founder of Cash Crop Today. Dave discusses how his background in media, advertising, and creating content for the Hip-Hop realm has evolved into Cannabis and Hemp. Being a “solutionist”, Dave noticed there was a void......
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Global Hemp Group Announces Acquisition of Cash Crop Today Media

This morning, Canadian public company Global Hemp Group Inc. announced that it has made a US$150,000 investment, comprised of US$60,000 in cash and the issuance of 600,000 common shares of GHG stock, in exchange for a 50% interest in Cash Crop Today Media, LLC. Cash Crop Today Media, LLC. provides......