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CashCropToday: Joint Venture Justin Braune Part 2

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Part 2 of Joint Venture’s interview with Justin Braune, a Blunt Capital Co. Advisor, continues the discussion of bridging the gap between Cannabis & Hemp Entrepreneurs and Capital Endorsers. Justin Braune gives way to the characteristics of the industry that make a business or product more appealing to his company......
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Colorado Cannabis Sales Reach $1 Billion in 8 Months

Would it be safe to say that no one knew how quick the cannabis Colorado market would hit $1 Billion? Or the fact that it would only take a mere 8 months? Colorado is quickly paving the recreational road towards a fast-growing economy. What will 2018 hold for Colorado’s cannabis......
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AgTech Scientific Plans 50,000 sq. ft. Industrial Hemp Manufacturing and Processing Plant

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AgTech Sceintific plans to invest $5 million into the area of Bourbon Country Business Park, Kentucky to construct a 50,000 sq. ft. industrial hemp processing and manufacturing facility. The new facility is planned to create over 250 new jobs in the area. AgTech holds one of the conditional 2018 licenses......
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Bank of Montreal Approves of 175$ Million Transaction with Canopy Growth Corp (TSX: WEED)

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Banking in the cannabis and industrial hemp industries has just gotten easier with the recent move from Canopy Growth Corp (TSX: WEED). The Bank of Montreal (NYSE: BMO), with a revenue of $19.19 billion dollars in 2016, is the first major financial institution to finance a publically traded company in......