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Two Industrial Hemp Processing Facilities Approved in New York and Kentucky

It is also expected that many U.S. farmers will soon benefit from the coming revival of the industrial hemp industry. However, without the processing of the plant into something that manufacturers can use, it is all for naught. Two planned ventures, one in the state of Kentucky and the other......

FarmOn! Foundation & NYAcres, Inc. Permitted for Industrial Hemp Research in New York

On March 06, 2018, mCig, Inc. announced that the FarmOn! Foundation was granted permission to conduct an Industrial Hemp Agricultural Research Pilot Program through the New York State Department of Agriculture & Markets. The operation will be conducted through a joint venture between NYAcres, Inc., a subsidiary company of mCig,......
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New York Governor Wants a Hemp Processing Plant in the Southern Tier

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has found some wiggle room in the state budget for 2018-19 to gift $650,000 towards a hemp processing plant. This processing plant would be placed within the Southern Tier and precisely in the Binghamton area.  The $650,000 is a great pushing off point since the......
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New York State Now Awards Unlimited Participants With The Industrial Hemp Processing Grant

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In 2015, New York state launched a pilot industrial hemp program with a 10 company cap on the number of participants. Just this year, this cap has been lifted, allowing unlimited number of participants. New York state seems to be capitalizing off of the hemp craze in different ways, recently......