Tech Startup HelloMD Raises $7M to Fund Health and Wellness Platform

California based HelloMD has closed a $7 million Series A round of funding. The influx of capital will allow the company to expand and build out more features for its consumer-focused information platform operating solely in the cannabis space. The company currently has around 300,000 users but is adding approximately 10,000 each month.

As a part of the HelloMD community, users can connect with physicians and nurse practitioners for medical advice and to become legally enabled cannabis consumers. The platform also includes a robust content site with hundreds of articles on the health and wellness applications of cannabis and a Q&A forum where anyone in the community can ask questions and receive answers from physicians, nurse practitioners, fellow consumers, and brand representatives. The platform will soon be partnering with licensed retailers in California where users
will be able to buy products from those retailers on the
platform and have the products delivered to their door within two hours.

Unlike many companies in the industry, HelloMD does not focus on the adult-use or medical segments of the market. Instead, the platform is dedicated to health and wellness consumers: people who are neither critically ill nor interested in the recreational aspect of cannabis. These are consumers who are seeking relief from issues like migraines, chronic pain, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. HelloMD believes that this is the largest untapped piece of the cannabis market. The company started out in California but the platform is rapidly expanding and, in addition to California, is partnered with physicians and nurse practitioners in New York and Canada as well as exploring opportunities in the rest of the United States, Germany and other parts of Europe.