Telehealth Cannabis Pioneer HelloMD Scales Up in Canada, Returns to U.S. Market with New CEO

HelloMD, a digital health platform for non-traditional care, announced today it has returned to the U.S. market with Larry Lisser, founding team member and previously head of Canadian Operations, as CEO. Facing what were once unfavorable nationwide regulations in the US, HelloMD has operated exclusively in Canada since early 2019. Overnight, the COVID pandemic has since made telehealth the healthcare delivery model of the future.

In Canada, HelloMD has scaled its medical cannabis care practice through its strategic relationship with Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc., a subsidiary of Shoppers Drug Mart Inc., Canada’s leading pharmacy retailer. Medical Cannabis by Shoppers Drug Mart Inc. white-labels HelloMD’s telehealth services to insure its patients can safely access proper, practitioner-led assessment, advice and authorization around the use of medical cannabis.

“By deeply integrating HelloMD into our patient-onboarding process, we eliminated frictions to growth while also providing a trusted starting point for those patients, especially seniors, considering medical cannabis for the first time,” says Ken Weisbrod, Vice President Business Development & Cannabis Strategy, Shoppers Drug Mart. “HelloMD has delivered what we need from a partner: dependable experiences for our patients, and the back-end work flows and processes that make it easier for the team to focus on core competencies,” says Mr. Weisbrod.

With medical cannabis now legal in 36 states, HelloMD is opening new markets starting with New York and Illinois, where patients can connect with licensed practitioner for advice and authorizations specific to medical cannabis.  Additional care practices outside of cannabis will become available in late 2020 and early 2021.

Less traditional healthcare therapies are gaining significant popularity as the population ages and more patients seek natural approaches to improve quality of life. “Whether because first and second lines of treatment don’t work for some, or that others prefer less pharma-related approaches, every year millions more people with chronic symptoms go outside conventional healthcare to explore complementary or alternative medicines,” says Larry Lisser, CEO. “The seismic, COVID-led shift to virtual care allows HelloMD to execute on its long-held vision to be a destination – for less evidence-based healthcare – that patients can trust.”

“While your Primary Care Provider may have little advice to offer on less traditional methods, patients with chronic pain, sleep and anxiety disorders clearly want trusted advice on making the best of alternative approaches like medical cannabis, supplements, nootropics and even psilocybin.  The company’s current and prospective white-label partners continue to validate our platform strategy of offering trusted educational resources, access to licensed practitioners and patient retention work flows enabling their patients to onboard and succeed with non-traditional care,” Lisser added.

About HelloMD

HelloMD is a leading digital provider of non-traditional healthcare services in the USA and Canada. The company’s platform provides educational resources, access to licensed practitioners and ongoing support to patients seeking alternative solutions to chronic pain, sleep and anxiety disorders. Leveraging deep expertise in medical cannabis therapy, HelloMD offers white-label solutions to pharmacies, licensed operators and communities to assist with patient acquisition, retention or engagement.

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