The Cronos Group Makes Move to the NASDAQ

The Cronos Group (TSX-V: MJN) (NASDAQ: PRMCF) has announced that the company’s common shares in the United States will begin trading on the NASDAQ tomorrow morning.

The NASDAQ is a global electronic marketplace for investors to buy and sells securities. Companies currently trading on the NASDAQ include someone the most profitable company’s in the U.S. to date. Large technology based corporations such as Google, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, and Intel all trade on the NASDAW. This is a legitimate step for the cannabis and industrial hemp sector.

“This up listing to NASDAQ is a major corporate milestone and reflects the significant progress we have made in strengthening our corporate governance and expanding our global footprint,” said Mike Gorenstein, CEO of Cronos Group. “We believe this will increase long term shareholder value by improving awareness, liquidity, and appeal to institutional investors.”


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