The Flowery Opens as Florida’s First Certified Veteran-owned Medical Marijuana Treatment Center

Florida’s medical marijuana patients have been lamenting the lack of high-quality cannabis in the Florida market since it became legal several years ago. The newest Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (MMTC), The Flowery, is delivering on its promise to produce the highest-quality medical marijuana flower while introducing unique genetics to Florida’s medical marijuana market.

The Flowery was built by Floridians for Floridians. It is a private, Family owned and operated business that cultivates small-batch flower, and hand delivers it directly to patients.  According to early consumers, The Flowery is already producing the highest-quality flower in Florida, right out of the gate.

The Flowery is a local operation, not controlled by major corporate or private equity backing. The Flowery family has been farming in Florida for five generations, going back to 1921. The Flowery now looks to build on its nearly 100 years of advanced cultivation to bring local know-how to Florida cannabis. Their tenacity and exceptional growing knowledge already yielded some of the best medical cannabis seen in the Florida market to date.

The Flowery believes that high quality marijuana-based medicine starts with high quality genetics and exceptional flower. Ensuring only the best processes are utilized delivers an unparalleled medical marijuana product. They employ a pesticide-free and a tightly managed, environmentally controlled indoor facility to grow their cannabis, but feel the most important single item is the love and attention for the plants (the plants even listen to music as part of their daily care routine). Highly sought-after genetics, fostered with the know-how, love and care of The Flowery family is the bedrock of The Flowery’s approach to this budding industry. “We are ‘farmacists,’ not pharmacists,” says founder Donovan.

Cultivating high quality medicine is personal for The Flowery. As a family of veterans, The Flowery is committed to serving those who have served our country. The Family is driven by first-hand experience of the ravages of PTSD, and the potential for medical marijuana as a treatment. At the time of his passing, medical marijuana was not yet a legal option for one veteran family member who lost his battle with PTSD. The family believes that if their medical marijuana were available to him, he might be alive today.

Whether you are a patient, a doctor, an enthusiast, or an interested observer, The Flowery would like you to join the family. As a locally owned newcomer, The Flowery is excited to engage with the community. Please help spread the word!

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