The Greenhouse of Walled Lake Cannabis Dispensary is Trading Cannabis for Coins Beginning Tuesday July 28th

The Covid-19 Virus is not only a major health concern but is also responsible for a massive coin shortage which is hitting close to home. Walmart, CVS, Kroger and many banks throughout the United States are feeling the squeeze. So much so, some are buying cash bonuses for coins and or rounding up customers’ bills. The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is also feeling the pinch and is now responding with a “Coins for Cannabis” promotion. Starting Tuesday July 28th, the dispensary will accept rolls of coins, pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters for payment. If customers bring in $100.00 or more in tolled coins, they will receive free product…a Pre-Roll. This promotion will continue indefinitely, until Greenhouse of Walled Lake has enough coins.

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake owner, Jerry Millen, stated, “There has been so much impact on our community due to the Covid-19 Virus and the coin shortage is yet another example. I decided we urge customers to bring in their coins. They roll the coins, we roll the cannabis, and we would have some fun at the same time.”

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake owner, Jerry Millen is available for interviews.

The Greenhouse of Walled Lake is Oakland County’s first fully licensed Medical and Recreational Marijuana Dispensary. Dedicated to ensuring that customers and patients receive qualified counseling and guidance when it comes to selecting the right products for them whether for a health condition, relaxation or just plain fun.