The Hemp Educate America Foundation is Helping to Cultivate a Sustainable Future

The Hemp Educate America Foundation is a non-profit organization located out of San Diego, California offering expertise, resources, and scholarships to students pursuing an education and career in eco-friendly “green” industries. The company’s focus is to help cultivate a sustainable planet for future generations by investing in the education of todays youth.

This non-profit is unique in that it focuses its efforts in supporting students interested in studying the sustainable capabilities of the industrial hemp plant. Hemp Educate America is also focused on supporting students focused on water and land conservation, recycling, non-toxic chemicals, reducing carbon footprints, sustainable agriculture, and renewable energy sources. When partnering with students Hemp Educate America focuses on offering  students support in their academics and works closely with the winners of their scholarships to connect them to jobs within the industry when they graduate.

Industrial hemp can be utilized to help reverse the extensive damage caused by humans  on the environment. Hemp is one of the most versatile plant cultivars on our planet and it can be manufactured into a number of finished sustainable goods such as biodegradable clothing, furniture, cosmetics, paper based goods, bio-composites, bio-fuel and even building materials for eco friendly housing.

Hemp grows over the span of a 3 to 4 month grow cycle and sequesters four times the amount of carbon dioxide that trees do. Cultivation of the hemp plant can directly help reverse the effects of global warming, not to mention you can extract medicinally beneficial non-psychoactive cannabinoids from the hemp plant such as CBD for consumption.

By educating our youth and motivating them to become fully intrenched in the future of the industrial hemp industry the Hemp Educate America Foundation is directly having an influence on the progress of building a sustainable world for future generations.

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