The Valens Company Launches Two New Brands in Value and Premium Markets

The Valens Company Inc. (TSX: VLNS) (Nasdaq: VLNS)) (the “Company” “The Valens Company” or “Valens”), a leading manufacturer of cannabis products, is pleased to announce the launch of Versus, an evolution of its Verse value brand. The launch involves the introduction of two net new Versus product lines this week, plus a rebranding of the full Verse portfolio this spring, for a total of approximately 20 SKUs across product categories. Consumers interested in finding out more about Versus and its line of products can go here. Valens is also launching its new ultra-premium brand, Contraband, this week with two sizes of CNDYLND flower, consumers interested in finding out more about Contraband can go here.

This repositioning and expansion mark the beginning of a strategic, multi-step plan to grow the Valens brand portfolio into one of the top performers in the adult recreational market. The Versus launch follows Valens’ acquisition of Verse Cannabis in September 2021, which, with its acquisition of Citizen Stash, propelled Valens into a top-tier market share position in Canada, while remaining a partner-of-choice for third-party custom manufacturing partners.

“The acquisition of Verse was critical because it got us a wide base of listings in seven provinces, across multiple categories, in the very important value-priced segment,” said Tyler Robson, Chief Executive Officer and Chair of The Valens Company. “Relaunched as Versus, it will be the challenger that isn’t afraid to go toe-to-toe with every value brand competitor, and we’re confident that it will come out on top in terms of product quality and consumer satisfaction.”

“Valens is uniquely positioned to succeed with Versus because we’re an innovation powerhouse,” Robson continued. “To thrive in value, you must to be super agile and get new products and formats out very quickly, and that’s what we’re all about.” The new brand addresses feedback from consumers and budtenders, and uses simplified, bold packaging and logos that convey the ‘fighting spirit’ of Versus.

Cannabis and urban music, fashion and art has always been closely intertwined. Contraband was born out of that existing connection, which has fueled so many great works of cultural creativity. With our founder a huge supporter of that culture, we also wanted to also pay homage to the long legacy left by the original cannabis cultivators and disruptors who created the conditions that led to today’s legal market. That is the origin of Contraband – a product that was once illegal is now legal but still a catalyst for great music, art, and fashion. As we develop the brand, we plan to contribute to the development of those areas of culture in a legal and responsible way. By leveraging Citizen Stash’s catalogue of premium genetics Valens will add a new line of ultra-premium products, expanding its reach to a new, more discerning consumer in this fast growing, high value segment. CNDYLND flower in two sizes (3.5g and 14g) will be the first launches, beginning in Ontario, followed later this year by pre-rolls, concentrates, and vapes.

“Winning in the value price point across multiple categories will give us a solid foundation,” said Robson. “From there, Contraband is part of our strategy to build an ultra-premium brand offering, and ultimately create one of the most comprehensive and effective portfolios in the marketplace”.

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