Thomas Jefferson University to Create Database to Track Medical Cannabis Patients’ Health Outcomes

Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia is in the process of developing a data base to register medical cannabis patients to study the positive or negative health benefits of consuming cannabis for a wide range of conditions. The prestigious University will do so on and their goal is to register 100,000 patients by next year. The database will be overseen by the Lambert Center for the Study of Medical Cannabis and Hemp, which received $3M in fudging in 2016.

Since medical marijuana was legalized in Pennsylvania both private and public institutions have become interested in researching varieties of the cannabis sativa plant for medicinal purposes. By implementing a data base that contain a record of feedback from patients, scientists involved in the study can begin to pinpoint what ailments are best suited for different varieties of cannabis. With time the data should begin to help identify helpful information to the scientific community involved in studying cannabinoids.

Dr. Charles V. Pollack Jr., director of the Lambert Center said, “Current evidence indicates that cannabinoids can be useful in the management of certain types of chronic pain, side effects of chemotherapy and some symptoms of multiple sclerosis—but there is much we still need to learn.”

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