Top 5 Cannabis Based Jobs And What They Make

1.) Dispensary Manager

Normal income can start out at $60,000 and eventually rise to $150,000 annually. Actions may vary depending on the dispensary (if it’s medical or recreational, and the size of the space required to grow cannabis).

It is rare for an individual to be hired as a manager without having worked for the company beforehand.

2.) Budtender

A budtender is technically the opening job when it comes to working within the cannabis industry. Annual income starts out at $31,000 and can rise to $43,000. This is the most popular job as well as openly available one.

Your main responsibility is to choose which strains to cut for medical or recreational purposes. Customer service does come with this job.

Marijuana buds in glass jars on wooden background

3.) Cannabis Grower

This varies from state to state and that means the income varies as well. Anywhere from $45,000 to $1 Million as a yearly salary. As the most looked at and sought after job, this is also the most difficult to come by. A lot of work times in such as business ethics and numerous amounts of cannabis-based research.

Picture taken February 20, 2014. REUTERS/Blair Gable (CANADA – Tags: HEALTH DRUGS SOCIETY BUSINESS AGRICULTURE)

4.) Chef (for edible cannabis)

Baking with cannabis has become quite the lucrative career. At first, the yearly income may average around $38,000 however, that can quickly skyrocket towards $90,000 based on what responsibilities you take on as a chef. Having a keen knowledge of cooking with cannabis (correctly) as well as helping with operations for the company will greatly improve your yearly salary.

5.) Owner (Dispensary)

Honestly, a dispensary owner can make more than a cannabis grower. The yearly outcome can easily be anywhere near the $1 Million mark and consecutively grow higher. Some dispensary owners are raking in a collective $10 Million and more annually.

This entitles buying land or a business by following proper protocol when it comes to opening and operating a dispensary based on that state’s current cannabis laws.