Top 5 Cultivation Grow System and Equipment

The cannabis industry has undergone continual growth and development in its proliferation over the years. With a burgeoning market and yearning users, the market now covers recreational and medicinal purposes. However, with cannabis still under regulation in several parts of the world, those who accept cannabis see growth and changes in how the cannabis industry is developing. Now we have a new set of cannabis users who home grow their cannabis for personal use, thereby eliciting innovation. 

Since we now have states allowing cultivation and sales of cannabis, individuals can home grow their cannabis utilizing one of the many grow systems available. This post would be pointing out 5 of the best grow systems and equipment for personal use.


Top 5 Grow System for Cannabis Cultivation


01. Grobox by Cloudponics

Cloudponics offers, Grobox, an automated home growing device designed to help home growers cultivate their cannabis right from the comfort of their home. This device which is synced with your smart device, helps users monitor their cultivation. The device can be operated by a built-in app, allowing users to automate your plant’s growing process. This gives users firsthand information to ensure their plant’s survival and progress. The app is designed to monitor and control factors such as humidity, temperature regulation, watering frequency, and pH buffering. Other features such as LED light control and auto powering are controlled using the application. At a selling price of $2690, the Dropbox by Cloudponics is a high-end grow system.


02. Grobo by Grobo

 The Grobo home growing system is a well-designed and sophisticated device built to undertake personal growth for cannabis. This device which originated from Canada, has, over the years, shown an excellent track record with how well their device helps facilitate homegrown cultivation. The compact design of the Grobo home cultivation device is compact at 48″ X 14″ X 14″ and doesn’t require extra housing. For the grow process, after planting and watering, all other steps are automated.


03. Armoire by Green Goddess Supply

The Armoire by Green Goddess Supply is an aesthetically pleasing grow system built to provide adequate care for your plants. Designed like the traditional Armoire, this device could easily go unnoticed in your home while growing your plants. The device can withstand water leakages with its waterproof design and provides for full automation of the cultivation. It also features an LCD temperature and humidity module for better monitoring. 

Users can also monitor their plants due to the presence of a safety camera installed in the growing system. When purchased, the Armoire by Green Goddess Supply comes with all the necessary parts to make the system function apart from seeds’ inclusion.


04. The SpinnerXP Modular Grow System

Unlike the other listed grow systems, the SpinnerXP Modular Grow system doesn’t have a modern look. This device is shaped like a pot and looks very industrial. These pots are designed to rotate for easy light penetration to all the plants; they also have a holding capacity of up to 12 plants. 

The pods run in an automated fashion, so lighting and other activities can be carried out based on the operator’s need. With a fast turnover rate, the SpinnerXP Modular Grow system is a great choice for an indoor growing system.


05. The Leaf Automated Growing System

When it comes to sophistication, very few devices will beat the Leaf Automated Growing System in its performance. This device built with the grower in mind puts automation at the forefront of its operation and utilizes an app for a better monitoring process. The inclusion of features such as LED lighting, water sensing, HD Camera, and carbon filters makes the process seamless and encourages indoor cultivation. The growing system is also self-sufficient when it comes to watering, as the device can be plugged directly into a water source.


In conclusion, utilizing an indoor growing system comes with many advantages, as it helps users cultivate their plants under a monitored environment. The devices also have sensing and detectors that allow users to know when there are deficiencies in either watering or lighting. Overall, the acceptance of the indoor growing system is an excellent boost to cannabis cultivation.


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