Top 5 Cultivation Supply Companies that Produce the Best Plants by Soil and Nutrients

Like any other plant, cannabis has to go through the cultivation process before a user gets his/her share. But let’s face it, there is a need for some professionalism before you begin growing marijuana. There are multiple requirements for the whole [process to be successful and ensure that the product is safe. Remember that in every plant, the THC levels should be minimized or completely ejected for the product to be rendered medicinal, or otherwise, it can bring about the ‘high effect.’ However, laying off such claims is vague unless there is evidence to back them up. Read on to learn more.


The Best Conditions for Growing Cannabis

To start with, producers grow their cannabis differently. Some prefer to have it indoors, while others are fine using their shovel and garden scissors outdoors. Regardless of the preferred method, the following are the perfect conditions to grow cannabis;

  • Light – Light is a significant contributor to your overall yield. Make sure you use bright light but don’t overdo it.
  • Air circulation – Positioning your plant to experience plenty of fresh air and a gentle breeze is very important as it affects how fast it grows. The air circulation is also responsible for ensuring cannabis pests are kept away.
  • Humidity – It’s hard to go wrong here unless you overdo or under-do it. The required humidity in the several stages of the plant are clones (70% – 75% RH), vegetative (65% – 70% RH), flowering (60% – 65% RH), and the latter weeks of flowering (55% – 60% RH).
  • Temperature – The temperature is equally an essential factor to consider, and you should ensure that you maintain a healthy one for the plants. For the vegetative phase, maintain the ranges 200c to 300C, while for the flowering stage, narrow it down to the range 180C – 260C.
  • Reflection – Adequate reflection ensures the marijuana plant maximizes the light available to squeeze out as much yield from the plant as possible.

In the entire cannabis growth process, you should be aware of some common problems such as hermies, light stress or heat stress, under or overwatering, but rot, mildew, and bugs.


Process of Growing Cannabis

It is vital to follow the proper procedure for growing cannabis for you to get good yields. Unlike how you can control everything from indoor space, it is somewhat different for producers who utilize their outdoor space. So let’s head into the procedure of growing marijuana (in referral to the outdoor cultivators)

  • Take a look at the climate. For the best results, ensure that the climate of the region you live in can fully satisfy the required conditions for the growth of cannabis. Check on the temperature, humidity, rains, winds, and general weather patterns to see if they fit the cultivation well.
  • Select a space to grow on. The location that you’ll decide to plant your cannabis is very important. Strategically position your plants in an area where they’ll receive the right amount of sunlight and also ensure that the place is secure enough.
  • Conclude on the cannabis genetics. Ensure that you choose the right strain of cannabis that does well in the area you live in. you will also decide whether to plant seeds or clones depending on your experience.
  • Get soil. The ideal soil for cannabis requires a little bit of clay, sand, and silty soils in different ratios. The perfect blend will ensure that your plant has good drainage and water retention, good air circulation, and the required nutrients.
  • Purchase fertilizer. You have to adequately supply your cannabis plant with potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen for it to be healthy and stable. If you are not experienced in choosing the right fertilizer, then you can opt for organic manure.
  • Select the containers. If you choose not to plant on the ground directly, you have to get pots to grow your cannabis.
  • Water the plants. You can water your cannabis plant with just the right amount of water.


Top 5 Cultivation Supply Companies that Produce the Best Plants

Many reviewers would rank cannabis companies by the amount of revenue they generate, but they sometimes neglect the production process’s quality. Some might argue that the top sellers are the best growers, but for some, it’s just business, while for others, it’s more of the plant’s whole growth process. Let’s look at the top cultivation supply companies that produce the best plants by soil and nutrients.


  • Canopy Growth Corporation

Based in Ontario, Canada, Canopy Growth Corporation was founded in 2014. The company specializes in growing, processing, and further selling medical marijuana in the region. The company has a big market and distribution network, which involves DNA Genetics, Bedrocan Canada, Spectrum Cannabis, Tweed, Leafs by Snoop, Foria, Black Label, and Craftgrow.


  • Medical Marijuana Inc

It’s based in California, USA, and it has been in operation since 2009. The company operates in the hemp market and deals with medical marijuana. Medical Marijuana Inc is known for its in-depth development and research on pharmaceuticals based on cannabinoids and the wide distribution and marketing of cannabidiol hemp oil-based products.


  • Tilray Inc

Ever since it was founded in 2013, Tilray Inc has been involved in the cultivation, processing, and distribution of medical cannabis. The company boasts of the GMP certification of being a producer that can supply extract and flower products to pharmacies, patients, hospitals, physicians, researchers, and governments. It is based in Nanaimo, Canada.


  • Aurora Cannabis Inc

The company was founded in 2013, and ever since, it’s been involved in several segments in the marijuana value chains. Headquartered in Edmonton, Canada, the company takes part in cannabis breeding, production, facility design and engineering, genetics research, home cultivation, retail and wholesale distribution, product development and value addition, and derivatives.


  • Terra Tech Corporation

The company is based in California, USA, and it has been operational since 2008. Terra Tech Corporation is focused on cannabis integrated agriculture, and it deals with both marijuana cultivation, production, and dispensary as well as herbs and products.

From the results that the above companies showcase, it is essential to growing cannabis in perfect conditions. By so doing, you will enjoy the benefits such as fast growth and large yields. Moreover, you stand to beat your competitors by producing harder, healthier, and greener plants full of high-quality buds with a stronger smell and potency.