Top 5 Infused Edibles on the Market

Arcview Market Research reported that California dispensaries sold a total of $180 million dollars in THC and CBD edible product in 2017. That number is expected to grow exponentially and the more states that become recreationally legal to sell cannabis products the larger the edible market is expected to grow.

Consumers today are becoming more and more health conscious and edibles are a viable alternative to those who want to consume cannabis but, don’t want to inhale its smoke. Just with any product company branding and functionality are important aspects of whether consumers will buy your product.

Cash Crop 150 provides you with the top 5 edible companies to look out for on the market.


Kushy Punch THC and CBD Infused Gummies

Kushy Punch has only been in business for 3 years and so far the companies gummy based edible have been distributed to over 600 different recreational and medicinal  dispensaries located in the United States. Kushy Punch offers one of the best ways and discrete ways for customers to administer cannabis products via an edible. The edible gives its customers the ability to find relief throughout the day efficiently and effectively.

Kushy Punches raw materials are directly sourced from one of the most well known cultivators of cannabis called Glasshouse Farms. Kushy Punch has built a personal relationship with the farm located in California to ensure a steady supply chain and the quality of their products. As a result the raw cannabis produced for Kushy Punch is grown sustainably, laboratory tested, and all natural THC & CBD infused gummies that were created by professional confectionary chefs.

One of the most amazing aspects of their product is how portable, great tasting, easy to use, and how potent Kushy Punch products can be. Kushy Punches can be found in Hybrid, Sativa, and THC varieties as well as a wide range of different mg’s of CBD and THC.


HoneyB Healthy Living CBD Infused Gummies

HoneyB Healthy Living sets the industry standard for high-quality, American grown, industrial hemp derived CBD products. They utilize a special processing technique to extract CBD oil from the hemp plant. This allows them to keep the naturally present phytocannabidnoid’s and terpenes in tact while completely removed any traces of THC in their products.

HoneyB Healthy Living works hand and hand with Colorado farmers that have spent years studying hemp genotypes and phenotypes. HoneyB’s farmers have cross bred a variety of  hemp strains, known to  provide high potency CBD, which they then utlitze in all of their products.

The companies CBD infused gummies are infused with 5mg of Full Spectrum CBD oil per gummy and are available for purchase in packs of 6, for convenient on the go consumption, and a pack of 30 gummies. Their formulation uses only carefully selected all natural ingredients that are available for sale on the companies website.


Kiva Confection

Kiva Confections started off in 2010 in California, Their edibles are one of the most recognized products on the market and focuses on food safety as a staple of their business model.. To ensure its popularity the company has confused on provided reliable dosages of infused cannabis chocolate to patients and recreational users.

Kiva Confections products include this Kiva Chocolate bars that are available in both milk and dark chocolate, their THC infused mints that are provided in a lesser potency of 2.5mg per mint for on the go consumption, and one of their most popular products their Terra Bites which are THC infused chocolate covered espresso beans and blueberries that are available in 5mg per.


Whoopi and Mya’s Savor

Whoopi and Mya’s edible product Savor infuses cannabis with the famous superfood Cacao beans to offer their customers a healthier alternative to candy based cannabis products on the market.

The Cacao bean is rich in magnesium, iron, vitamins, minerals, fiber, and antioxidants.

The company has targeted their Savor edible product towards providing relief for women when going
through discomfort related to their menstrual cycle. Whoopi and Mya’s product allows women to satisfy their chocolate cravings with a superior product that is also healthy for them to eat.Savor comes available in both THC & CBD and can be found in both higher and lower dosages.


Chebba Chews

Chebba Chews was started in 2009 and has focused its efforts in providing customers in the medicinal cannabis markets with consistent, potent, and convenient edibles. The company ensures customer satisfaction by testing each and every batch of edibles sold.

Chebba Chews offers edibles in the form of chewy candy infused with cannabis in a variety of strains. Customers can purchase their products in Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid varieties that are sold in dispensaries across the country. Chebba Chews can also be found in a variety of potencies such as 80mg, 100mg, and 175mg and a variety of flavors.