TransMedia Group to Serve Culinary Cannabis Maverick ‘JeffThe420Chef’ up to a Mainstream Media World Hungry For a Tasty Story

TransMedia Group will be cooking up media awareness, and a deeper understanding of JeffThe420Chef‘s leadership in advancing culinary cuisine with cannabis and hemp, altering the perception of edibles worldwide.

“Our PR campaign for JeffThe420Chef is designed to spread awareness of how Jeff is developing and improving the culinary cannabis edible experience and how he is actively educating new and existing consumers with a focus on making the cannabis consumption experience simple and easy for everyone,” said TransMedia Group President Adrienne Mazzone.

TransMedia will highlight how JeffThe420Chef brings the cannabis consumption experience into the mainstream, having invented the process which cleans and neutralizes the herbaceous taste and odor of the plant.  Jeff is also famous for pioneering “layered micro-dosing,” the practice of serving a combination of precisely low-dosed edibles over the course of a meal.

“Cannabis is a gateway to a better quality of life for people,” said Jeff Danzer, a.k.a. JeffThe420Chef. “I love what I do, and making the cannabis consumption experience familiar, safe, and easy for everyone is the best way to remove the stigma around this incredible plant!”

“We have been looking to work with a top-notch public relations firm since before the pandemic.  Adrienne Mazzone and Tom Madden from TransMedia, provided the confidence, experience and resources to help us accomplish our mission of bringing our story and unique product lines to the mainstream” said JeffThe420Chef.

TransMedia Group plans to arrange for JeffThe420Chef to have speaking opportunities, press interviews, TV appearances, and conferences with other professionals. TransMedia will send out media pitches and news releases about JeffThe420Chef’s new products, announcements, and upcoming events to increase awareness of how Jeff is changing the culinary landscape with his revolutionary process and the incredible cannabis plant.

“I had always seen cannabis as just another recreational substance but after meeting Jeff, I feel that I learned a lot about its power as a medicine and how it can help people,” said Mazzone. “Our mission is to help our clients achieve their mission and our team is dedicated to generating high levels of news coverage for this revolutionary leader in culinary cannabis,” she added.

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