Cash Crop Today Interview with David Boissinot from Trimpro

Trimpro developes and manufactures top of the line, full service, trimming machines in Canada which can be shipped to growers throughout the world. The following is a Cash Crop Today interview with one of their owners David Boissinot.


1) How long has Trimpro been in business? What lead you in your career to working with the company?

Trimpro has been in business for 15 years. I’m one of the new owners of the company; we bought the business last year. What led me to quit my other job and work for Trimpro was that the cannabis industry is an emerging market right now. It is something that’s exciting versus other industries that are mature. I think with this emerging market there are a lot of opportunities and things to accomplished.

2) What were you doing before this?

Banking. I was doing financing for companies.

3) Did you see a good opportunity here, to get involved in an emerging market?

Yes, and I bought the company with two of my clients, one of them has been involved in this industry for more than 20 years.

4) Do you currently have any machines or drying equipment on sale in any retail locations? Or are your sales conducted solely over the Internet?

Mainly on retail locations and we sell our machines online as well. The most of our market is sold on retail stores.

5) What kind of stores?

Grow shops or hydroponic stores.

6) Are you located all around the country?

Our machines are sold in North America, Europe, and Australia—these places are our main places for distribution.

7) What are some important tips to keep in mind once a harvest of a cultivator’s crop is ready for trimming?

Trim wet. We recommend wet trimming because when you trim wet the leaves on the flower are still open and it is easier to remove them. When it dries back the leaves get closer to the flower, which makes it harder for trimming and a big chance of damaging the flower. With prices falling, a machine saves you time and money.

8) In your opinion, what would be the best type of trimming machine that you sell for a small-scale operation as opposed to a large-scale operation?

Our entry-level machines are Trimpro Unplugged and the Trimpro Trimbox. So the Trimpro Unplugged is a manually operated machine as the Trimpro Trimbox is an electrical machine but it’s one of our smaller machines. As for large-scale operations we have our two XL’s—our Rotor XL and our Automatik XL. In between we have our other machines for our medium sized operations.

9) So does that vary on how big one’s harvest is? So when we’re speaking about smaller trimmers, how many pounds could that do in what amount of time?

Approx. 1-2 pounds per hour and for larger, between 25-30 pounds per hour. So when you know that a human trims between 0.5-1 pound per hour, even a Trimpro Unplugged and a Trimpro Trimbox saves you time.Time is money, so you save time to do something else other than trimming.

10) How would one go out with routine maintenance of a Trimpro Original? How often would your customers have to switch out parts?

As for maintenance routine, like most things, once you use it and you’re done using it, you clean it. You make sure to remove everything that sticks to either the grate or the blade with isopropyl alcohol. Once in a while you can sharpen the blades. That’s the basic maintenance you need to do. As for switching parts, our machines are made here in Canada, nothing is made in China so everything is built strong, and we have quality products.

11) How does your Jack Puck press product line differ from other presses on the market? Are these presses your part of your own original design?

The company is making the molds, they’re handmade here (in Canada) and we have different sizes and shapes of molds. You’ve got either 2 tons or 8 tons, so you have different choices for how you want your product to be pressed. A lot of people make homemade presses because it’s something that looks easy to build. But when it’s homemade you don’t have the same quality as something that you buy from a company that manufactures them—in the end it’s our job to build presses.

12) Explain what the Trimpro Bucker is used for? 

The Trimpro Bucker is used prior to trimming. So you put the stem into the machine and it removes the flowers from the stem. It’s a way to increase productivity as one Trimpro Bucker removes what 5 guys would remove with scissors.

13) Do your products come with a warranty? How does shipping work?

They all have warranty. In N. America it’s 1 year and in Europe it’s 2 years.

14) How does shipping work/how long does it take?

We have 2 warehouses in N. America, on each side of the continent and we also have a warehouse in Europe. It’s shipped through UPS or a carrier like that so it’s pretty quick. Every regular order that is shipped with UPS is shipped within 24 hours.

15) What is some important advice you can give cultivators who are searching to purchase a trimming machine?

Trimpro has been in the business for the last 15 years, we’re one of the pioneer companies in trimming and it’s worth something if we’re still in business after 15 years, meaning that we’ve had great innovation within the years. Our products are made by quality manufactures in Canada which means you don’t need to replace a lot of those parts versus trimmers that are made in China. We have various machines according to the size of your production—we go from small scale to larger productions. Our way of trimming versus others, you decide how long you want to leave your flowers in the trimming process. If you want the right result you can put that in a little bit longer if you don’t want to trim it too much, you don’t put it in too long. You’re your own quality inspector of your trimming.


Cash Crop Today would like to thank the entire team over at Trimpro.