Trudeau Turns Down Senate Amendments Made to the Cannabis Act

The Canadian federal government and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has chosen to turn down the dozen amendments the Senate had passed a week ago which will hold up legislative approval of the Cannabis Act. The Cannabis Act, when passed, will legalize the recreational use of cannabis and the extraction of cannabinoids from industrial hemp throughout the country.

The main topic of discussion between the two branches of government is whether or not to allow the cultivation of cannabis within residents homes. Prime Minster Trudeau has been recommended by a panel of experts that it is essential to the success of the bill to approve the ability for residents to grow cannabis on private property. After all, the reason behind the Canadian government legalizing the recreational consumption of cannabis is to limit the black market from selling and producing cannabis illegally.

Hopefully, this matter is resolved swiftly. The stalemate between the House of Commons and the Senate could hold up the planned implementation of the Cannabis Act this summer. Now it is in the hands of conservatives, liberals, and independent senators to choose what the best decision for Canadians will beand will likely be voted on in the next few weeks.

“We’re making the changes to keep Canadians safe and one of the strong recommendations by experts was that we ensure personal cultivation of four plants at home,” Mr. Trudeau told reporters. “We have heard what the senators had to say on this matter, but we will go ahead with the recommendations from experts.“

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