Trump Persuades Israeli Prime Minister to Halt Plans for Cannabis Exports

Israeli Prime Minster, Benjamin Netanyahu, has been persuaded by the United States President Donald Trump to haunt the country’s plan to become a leading exporters of medicinal and recreational cannabis around the world.

In a recent conversation between the two, President Trump expressed his concerns over Isreal’s plans to export cannabis. In an attempt to appease Trump and keep political relations between to two ¬†on good terms, Prime Minister Netanyahu decided to change his mind despite Israeli Ministers of agriculture, health, and finance objecting to his desision. Prime Minister Netanyahu determined it was best for the country to heed the Presidents warning.

The Prime Ministers decision dose not sit well with cultivators and investor associated with the cannabis industry in Isreal.  According to Reuters, investors have poured more than $100 million into projects associated with the industry following the announcement to export last summer. Isreal was expected to generate between $1B and $4B annually.

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