University of Colorado Begin Research on CBD to Treat Eczema and Psoriasis

University of Colorado scientists have begun research on the medicinal benefits of using the chemical compound CBD to help treat Eczema and Psoriasis. Eczema is a condition that can causes terrible rashes throughout your body, and Psoriasis, which causes skin cells to build up and form dry patches and rashes.

The University of Colorado hopes that research into using the chemical compound, Cannabidiol (CBD), as a topical relief  can offer hope for millions of people that suffer from skin related conditions.

CBD, is distinctly different than THC, because it is a non-psychoactive chemical compound . It is one of many different compounds that can be extracted from the cannabis and industrial hemp plant but, is naturally found in higher concentrations in hemp.

Cannabidiol has gained lots of attention in the media as of late. The World Health Organization recently determined that CBD has, “been demonstrated as an effective treatment for epilepsy in adults, children, and even animals, and that there’s preliminary evidence that CBD could be useful in treating  Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, psychosis, Parkinson’s disease, and other serious conditions.”

Though CBD has not been officially recognized to contain medicinal benefits, millions of CBD product are being sold every month around the world. The more research that is conduction by educational institutions on the benefits of CBD, the more legislation in countries like the United States will begin to favor legalization of the compound for medicinal use.

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