VividGro Announces Purchase of WeGrow App

VividGro, an agriculture technology-based company, has recently announced the acquisition of a cannabis growing app for smart phone devices called, WeGrow. The app currently has 20,000 downloading on the iTunes store.

From the Press Release:
“VividGro acquired WeGrow to further its transition from a provider of LED lighting solutions to being an integrated AgTech company that provides crop-agnostic hardware and software solutions to indoor farmers of all varieties and sizes,” said David Friedman, VividGro’s President. Friedman added, “WeGrow’s superior technology supports this transition. We plan to rapidly expand the functionality of WeGrow’s chatbot platform for the home grow market and extend our reach to licensed cannabis cultivators worldwide”.

This comes almost 9 months after the company announced the released of its chat-bot based technology for the industry last year. The chat bot uses AI technology to conversate with customers on the best ways to improve your home garden. The technology is used on iOS devices.

About the VividGro President
David Friedman is an industry veteran and experienced venture capitalist, he founded Panther Funds in 2014, which has invested in 20 cannabis companies. He is also the former CEO of MJIC, which was initially a venture fund for the cannabis space. Friedman successfully managed the company’s restructuring in 2015/2016 into a diversified operating company in the cannabis space and co-created the current algorithm for the MJIC Marijuana Stock Index. MJIC is expected to IPO on the ASX in August of 2017. His background also includes 25 years as an investment and operating executive in venture capital, mergers & acquisitions and corporate finance.

About VividGro
VividGro is the groundbreaking horticultural LED division of Lighting Science Group (“LSG”) and a pioneer in the Agricultural Technology (AgTech) sector. Utilizing state-of-the-art hardware and software, VividGro implements solutions that improve growers’ profitability by lowering operating costs, increasing efficiencies and yields, and decreasing cycle times. Learn more at


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