What Edible Company Is Getting A Million Plus Funding?

Let’s be clear 2018 is throwing California into the spotlight and now edible cannabis company Plus is being thrown into the mix as well. Since the company was founded in 2015, Plus has seen a rapid growth amongst new entrepreneurs with the cannabis world.  However, Plus continues to hold a strong portfolio of edibles that have guaranteed the company a surging $2 Million funding advantage. This advantage comes in at the right time since California recently passed a legalizing recreational law.

The funding comes from The Green Opportunity Funds who are leading a series under a name called “Preferred Stock”. Which will be a gathering of the prize-winning edibles that will soon be sold in various dispensaries.

Photo From: https://www.itsnicethat.com/articles/phillip-fivel-cannabis-gum-070316

The company first found it starts as a sole seller to medical marijuana patients looking for cannabinoid edibles. Ever since their new product line of gummies has been released, the company has seen an overwhelming response. This response is acting as a protocol to extend their edible line and with the offer of $2 Million, this will definitely happen.

Even better, the Plus company has found a way (in their test trials) how to reduce the cannabis bud taste within their gum and gummies. Offering a smooth yet fast-acting edible where buyers have nothing but a satisfactory transaction.

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