WHO Declares CBD Oil Not A Harmful Substance

The lesson for today is cannabidiol. Yes, the World Health Organization has not only come to their senses but, have stated that cannabidiol has no negative or abusive effects… whatsoever. Since the WHO (World Health Organization) has stated this issue as fact, this means we may be seeing even more of a push towards recreational legalization.

The means more and more individuals who suffer from autism, epilepsy, and another diagnosis’ where CBD could aid in everyday life struggles.

The WHO wrote, “To date, there is no evidence of recreational use of CBD or any public health related problems associated with the use of pure CBD.” WHO even discovered CBD contracts and makes THC less powerful, giving THC a mild presence.

After numerous testing and re-testing, CBD each time proved to be a helpful, restoring chemical. Possibly even over a long period of use, CBD could help heal various ailments like the ones listed above.

Since THC is the main element that is keeping marijuana from becoming recreationally legal in the remaining states. CBD oil could see a surge in sales rather than marijuana itself. As of now, CBD does remain a class Schedule 1 drug from a federal point of view. Once federal decides to change this action and effectively revoke the Schedule 1 controlled substance stamp, CBD is still illegal. However, CBD would be closer to becoming legalized statewide more easily.

So what’s keeping pure CBD extract from being in every household? Well, some companies are creating their own CBD extract are not properly extracting the oil under the right regulations. Which leads to an unstable market based on what is “pure”, “equally measured” or, “proper extraction”. Once an established extraction method is released, where all venues will have to follow to sell the oil.

Of course, the FDA has refused to comment based on whether or not the general public can expect a CBD legalization, anytime soon.


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