Will GW Pharmaceuticals Shape How Cannabis is Viewed in the U.S.?

GW Pharmaceuticals is a Salisbury, England company who are utilizing U.S. patents to secure cannabis are a functioning medical treatment drug.

Because these U.S. patents can be used to further GW Pharma seems bizarre since, (based on two federal agencies) who deny that cannabis should be considered helpful in terms of medical treatment. Although GW Pharma maybe helping to advance the proper courses of action.

By taking each legal step towards the FDA to approve GW Pharma as the number one leading cannabis pharmaceutical company, could that mean the U.S. might see a quick turn around? Again this comes down to individuals within the federal government who choose to identify the beneficial factors cannabis proves, instead of radical forms of chemotherapy or other dangerous solutions when it comes to various cures for cancer. So far, GW Pharma has a list of medications that could treat schizophrenia, diabetes and even a form of neurological brain cancer. The treatments just mentioned are awaiting further development.

So why is there this grand fight between The British and the U.S. when it comes to medical cannabis? Well back in the 1990’s England actually understood and with a few trials saw results as to what cannabis would provide as a medicine. The U.S. decided to crack down on “The War On Drugs”… let’s call it a reapproach of the Reagan Era.

Even more bizarre, GW Pharma has acquired a $1.9 Billion who are crafting developments with medical cannabis because of patents issued from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

All along the U.S. has had the right tools yet, the federal government has decided to side-step possible solutions in return to protest that cannabis will only open up a further drug epidemic.

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